Practical Halacha of the month:
Av 5761

Last month, we learned about the concept of ben yomo. A utensil is considered ben yomo if food has been cooked in it within the last 24 hours. This month we will see one of the many instances in which ben yomo makes a difference. 

Q1. I was boiling milk in a dairy pot. I took a lid from the cabinet and used it to cover the pot. After a few minutes I realized that it was a meat lid. What do I do with the pot, lid, and milk?

A1. Based on the story, we assume that the lid was originally cold then heated up while on the pot. The lid definitely needs to be kashered. For the pot and the food, it depends on whether or not the lid is ben yomo from meat use:

Case 1 - The lid is ben yomo. The pot needs to be kashered and the milk is no longer kosher.

Case 2 - The lid is not ben yomo. The pot and the food are permitted.

  Q2. What if the lid is taken off before it gets hot?

A2. If the lid is removed immediately and is still cool and dry, then the lid, pot, and food are all permitted. [Since there are many variables in this sort of case, we recommend you call a Rav whenever this occurs. We are only offering general guidelines]

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